MIADI, launched in 2008, was the culmination of 3 years of on-going research and development and an in-depth understanding of Africa ethnic hair, a hair care product that addresses the needs of the African Woman

The brand name MIADI is a Swahili word, which translates to ‘the promise’…. promise of hair care that is not only 100% naturally inspired but also made for the unique needs of African hair. MIADI is a naturally inspired revolution in Hair Care.

Return To African (Hair) Roots

Remember the afro, the natural hairstyle forever synonymous with the “black is beautiful” movement championed by African-Americans in the 1960s? A group in Ivory Coast is trying to persuade black women to turn the page on their expensive hair-straighteners, extensions and wigs and go natural instead.

Blending “natural” with “happy” to produce “Nappy”, the group calls itself Nappys de Babi — Babi being a nickname for Abidjan, Ivory Coast’s bustling economic capital. Founded more than two years ago, the support group now boasts some 2,400 members, meeting every two months in Abidjan’s trendy Cocody district to share advice, tips, and practical help about keeping their hair natural.

Only MIADI is specifically formulated to address different needs of African hair.

It is a naturally inspired hair nourishment.

Become a MIADI products retailer?

To become a MIADI Africa retailer in Kenya, please reach out to any of our distributors or fill on the form found on the contact us page. You will be contacted within two working days.